when you read you read



When I read I read and I read every single day. I love early mornings and long train rides.

My parents gave me a really long name . I like it but I also like that a lot of friends find new names for me. My english speaking friends call me Anna. I love meeting people and making friends. Hi there !

I have a background in performance, theatre and film. I love to work in front of the camera but really appreciate the freedom in our super small team on the other side. I have many questions.

In my atelier next to my favourite chair are some old copies of The Paris Review Interview Series. Those books are really important to me. It’s probably why I love the interview format so much.

I was very lucky to arrange and edit an interview book with Joan Didion.

The filmed interviews here started as part of my work for KAMPA. To me these short movies are portraits of but also love letters to the authors and their work. This is the beginning and I am very thankful for this journey so far.
I love to talk about life and books (which is the same to me).

Maybe with you ?