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How Are You A People – Remembering Kathleen Collins

Kinder des Zufalls
Astrid Rosenfeld

Ein Film von Ann Kathrin Doerig.

Kamera: Benedikt Schnermann
Musik : Tom Hessler

As far as I’m concerned anybody can do anything,
I don’t mind, you want to make a fool of yourself I’ll be the last person to stop you,
you do it good I might even laugh.


Kathleen Collins was a pioneer African American playwright, filmmaker, civil rights activist, film editor, and educator. Her film Losing Ground is one of the first features made by a black woman in America, and is an extremely rare narrative portrayal of a black female intellectual. Collins died in 1988 at the age of forty-six.

What a lot of ideas you hang around me… Why do you burden me with your ideas about me ?


I want magic. Real magic.

We were very lucky to meet Nina Collins and Seret Scott for this remembrance.

A film by Ann Kathrin Doerig
with Benedikt Schnermann and music from Tom Hessler.